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You may contact any one of our Quality Search Team Representatives directly as follows:


Our Recruiters






Contact:  Peter Nye (Bio)

Email:  pete@qsjobs.com

Ph:  (219) 851-7478




Contact:  Doug Scripture (Bio)

Email:  doug@qsjobs.com

Ph:  (269) 598-1915




Contact:  Tony Vesh (Bio)

Email:  tony@qsjobs.com

Ph:  (219) 926-6831




Contact:  Jeff Wolfe (Bio)

Email:  jeff@qsjobs.com

Ph:  (219) 926-7772

Our Researchers

Contact:  Judy Bouchard (Bio)

Email:  judy@qsjobs.com

Ph:  (219) 926-7772




Contact:  Riley Wolfe (Bio)

Email:  riley@qsjobs.com

Ph:  (219) 728-8451

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