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 PTIS - QUALITY SEARCH - Affiliation:"

PTIS (Packaging & Technology Integrated Solutions) was founded in 2001 by Mike Richmond and Brian Wagner.  They focus on collaboration across the value chain, and they serve clients around the globe in all areas of industry.  They offer a key core value of Profit-Planet-People and an innovative approach to solving packaging problems, identifying new opportunities, and leading collaboration across packaging’s value chain.   PTIS also brings financial, environmental, and social considerations into the forefront of business strategy.  For more information, please visit http://www.ptisglobal.com/. 

Recently, PTIS has teamed up with a strong affiliation with Quality Search, a recognized leader in Packaging Recruiting that has been in business since 1981!  The synergy of these two organizations means that your search will derive the leveraged benefit of each organization’s strength and focus.  Learn more about Quality Search here.

Benefits to your organization of using the PTIS - Quality Search Affiliation will include
  • You will gain the benefit of having Quality Search as a partner, along with PTIS.  Quality Search has conducted over 5,000 searches for many of the Fortune 500-1,000 Companies, and as a result, they have become a premier search and recruiting firm in the Packaging area.

  • You will derive industry experience and expertise built on nearly three decades of successful service to clients in the packaging arena by Quality Search and nearly 10 years of success by PTIS. 

  • You will have professional representation of your opportunity to a very select and qualified candidate base. 

  • You will derive the benefit of nearly 75 years of reputable, recruiting expertise of a knowledgeable and experienced team of recruiting professionals that are ready to serve your recruiting needs.

  • You will receive Quality performance as we believe there is No Substitute for Quality and our goal is to source, identify, and qualify the top 20% of packaging professionals and present them to you.

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  • Toll-free at +1 (800) 875-0912
  • International at +1 (269) 806-4566
  • Fax at +1 (888) 225-7137