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ReeBee is a nickname given to me by my first grandson, Houston in 1991. The nickname stuck and now all of my Grandchildren call me Grandpa ReeBee!  I have always liked and collected positive quotes and in 2002 I put a number of them together in "ReeBee's Book Of Sayings and Quotes" and gave it as a Christmas gift to family and friends.  I always felt very fortunate and blessed. In 1988 a new chapter in my life began when I became a single parent. There were many new challenges and responsibilities to be sure in that role. I discovered that it became easier to handle this load when I focused on the positive side of everything rather than the negative. Sharing inspirational items with others was gratifying as many were less fortunate than I. Many carry their load silently and without complaint. Life is a journey and we all go through our share of storms, setbacks, obstacles and challenges. For me I know the greatest of these were the sudden loss of my son David in June of 2006 at the age of 31 and the loss of my son Mark to cancer in March of 2020 at the age of 43. The ReeBee Limited Web Site is dedicated to my four children, five grandsons and most recently, one great grandson. However this site is most especially dedicated to David and Mark who are missed so dearly by all the family and friends that knew them.


ReeBee's Book of Sayings and Quotes
The First Book Arrived - Christmas 2002

ReeBee's Book Of Sayings and Quotes shown above is a very positive and inspirational collection. The result of nearly 35 years of collecting and writing positive quotes and sayings, it makes an excellent gift for anyone. It emphasizes a positive outlook on life and it is ideal for the coffee table or other convenient area for guests, visitors or clients to review it at their leisure.