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About Grandpa ReeBee


I was born in Oil City, Pennsylvania on May 23rd, 1945 to Tracy and Kathleen Wolfe.  I lived in Oil City until I was age 9 when we moved to Erie, PA.  Then in 1959, when I was 14, we moved to Gary, IN.  In 1971, I moved to Chesterton, IN where I still reside. I have had the blessing of 4 children (three boys and one girl) and five grandsons and one great grandson.  Two of my sons have unfortunately preceeded me in death. I have tried to remain positive and to embrace the blessings that I still have and I try to do everything with passion and to live in the present moment, not regretting the past or fearing the future. I also have tried to learn a lesson in my mistakes and appreciate the sunny day more because of the storm. People who know me will probably say I am spontaneous and have a good sense of humor.  I love animals, and volunteer at the animal shelter in my spare time. I am caring and feel and display my emotions.  I also would say that I am in to fitness and health. I believe your physical body is your temple and the only true possession that you have in life besides your own thoughts.  I believe that you rust out quicker than you wear out.  I love nature and the outdoors.  I especially love being near, in and on the water. A good sunrise or sunset is something that I appreciate and try to catch as often as I can. I also love a good movie and these are some of my Favorites.  Hiking, biking, running, rollerblading, skiing and sailing are some of my favorite outdoor activities.  I love photography and dabble in creative writing.  I also like to collect quotes and sayings. My favorite role thus far in life has been being a grandfather to my five Grandsons and now one Great Grandson. At age 75, I feel very fortunate to still have my health and the family and friends in my life that I do. I have been a very fortunate man to take the journey of my life.  

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